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E-commerce is changing. There’s been a dynamic shift in how consumers make buying decisions and Amazon is directly at the center of it all.

We provide smart Amazon account solutions to maximize visibility and convert views into sales.

Be Found. Be Clicked. Be Bought.

Maximize Your Performance With Our Proven Amazon Account Services

Amazon controls the majority of online shopping searches and e-commerce sales.

While the most important online sales and brand marketing channel, the platform is a competitive, complex and always-changing environment.

Our solutions are tailored to increase opportunity awareness, allow for intelligent resource application, optimize catalog presentation and manage account growth initiatives.

Strategic Planning & Data Analysis

Catalog Optimization

Content Creation & Implementation

Growth & Reputation Initiatives

Why should you fully engage in Amazon channel strategy development?

By optimizing your Amazon positioning, you will get in front of potential customers earlier. If they see your name and products before that of your competition, shoppers are more likely to click on your offerings and more likely to remember your brand.

By leveraging Amazon to create a positive buying experience through outstanding content and educational materials, your customers will remember and return to you for their future purchases.

Development and implementation of our custom Amazon channel strategies have a track record of growing client’s sales exponentially. Last year alone, we had multiple clients experience seven figure growth.

1 %
of US E-Commerce sales are controlled by Amazon
1 %
of online shoppers visit Amazon during their purchase process
1 /10
shoppers research products on Amazon

Clients & Testimonials

Let Us Help You Maximize Your Success On Amazon.

Getting onboard with Marketplace Ninjas has been the best sales decision our company has made since we started selling through the e-commerce channel!

We had attempted to sell through Amazon for almost two years prior to meeting Wes and his team. During that time we used the marketing tools provided to us through Amazon Marketing Services but still found our sales had been minimal, our growth stagnant and our brand presence to be virtually non-existent; Marketplace Ninjas came in and changed all of that for us. We were hesitant at first to dive all in with Wes so we offered him a four month trial period, he did not disappoint. In four months Marketplace Ninjas grew our sales well over 100% of our total sales for the previous year. We immediately signed with Wes and sales have watched sales continue to climb. One of their biggest value add tools is their data-driven approach and algorithm based analysis that gave us insight into the marketplace we could not obtained using Amazon’s services alone. Using this data we were able to better position ourselves in the market, adjust our pricing to meet market demand, efficiently/effectively market our product and generate true search engine optimized (SEO) titles and descriptions that easily allowed customers to find our products. Wes and his team have been great to work with. They have been very thorough when explaining their research and recommendations, ensuring that we understand the logic behind each proposed change. We have also been able to take these changes from Amazon and apply them to other e-commerce customers giving us yet another boost in sales. I would highly recommend working with Marketplace Ninjas as they have now become a key partner of our and an essential part of our long term growth!

Chase Langeler
Elkay Foodservice / Product Marketing Associate

Marketplace Ninjas has been an absolutely critical part of our growth, helping us grow from $0 to over $1 million in revenue in the first year alone.

At this stage we are working on expanding our facility to match the demand for the strategy and process that Marketplace Ninjas built with us from the ground up. Their professionalism and individual concern for us as a client and the growth of our brand and product is truly a rare find. If you have the opportunity to work with Marketplace Ninjas, I can’t recommend our experience with them specifically enough. A great company with a life changing service.

Jordan Warren
Asia Direct Inc. / Operations Manager

After working with Wes and his team for less than a year, we have seen a dramatic difference in our Amazon business.

With the help of the Marketplace Ninjas team we have collaboratively updated our product presentations from mediocre to excellent. This is a never ending process, so we’ll continue to review regularly and fine tune our presentations. The team has also helped insure that we use as many of the key search words as possible to improve our rankings in organic searches. This has resulted in an impressive improvement in organic search results and led to a doubling of our Amazon business in less than one year!!

Wes and his team is very responsive and easy work with. For anybody wanting to improve their presence and sales on Amazon I can highly recommend Marketplace Ninjas as an outstanding partner.

Bengt Lager
Regal Lager / President